Plantation XO Rum Review – Barbados 20th Anniversary Rum

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You’ve been wondering what to buy someone special for Christmas, haven’t you. Here it is. The present that will return all year the sounds of happy sighs, long, lingering breathless moments and big goofy grins. It’s the rum of the century, and it was made for gift giving!

Plantation Rum bottle spirit from all over the Carribean including cognac, calvados, gin and vodka, but in the wretched minds of wenches, they’ll always be a legendary rum producer. They’re frequent award winners at rum competitions and have a broad spectrum of interesting rums to try. In fact, we often see their rums packaged in cute little sample boxes across different island distilleries, or different years.

They have a signature double aging process, where the rums are initially aged in their Carribean homes where the weather is typical of the tropics; hot, humid and perfect for eating mangoes. When they’re ready, they’re shipped off to a French chateau in the Cognac region where they’re matured in smaller casks in classic wine cellar conditions. It’s very posh, and that attention to excellence flows through into the glass.

The bottle is gorgeous!

IMG_1008It’s a thick, heavy bottle with a big cork. It produces a satisfying ‘pop’ when you open it.

The bottle is also artistically wrapped in a rope-looking dried grass which adds to its rustic appeal. It’s tied on tight, and doesn’t interfere with the cork or pouring the rum, so you can leave it on display on the bottle until its empty.

The rum is a rich and dark amber colour. Well beyond golden, it looks like honey peeking through the glass.

Tastes like Christmas

Everything about this rum makes it the perfect Christmas present. It actually tastes like a Christmas pudding in a bottle! It’s elegant, refined and delicious, the age certainly makes a big difference to the smoothness as it’s a very plesant drop neat or on ice. Here’s what we tasted:

  • Heavy wooded oak
  • Toasted coconut
  • Salted caramel sauce
  • IMG_1006Christmas pudding spices;
    • Allspice
    • Nutmeg
    • Cloves
    • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla milkshake
  • Christmas pudding fruit;
    • Dried citrus peel
    • Sultanas
    • Currants
    • Mejool dates
  • Freshly squeezed oranges

Clearly there’s a lot going on in this rum, and you’ll probably find yourself nosing it luxuriously for quite some time before taking a sip.

Be a legend, buy it for a mate

This rum is really hard to find in Australia, but we bought ours from Nick’s.¬†They even have free delivery as the bottle is over $100.

Merry Christmas, Love the Rum Wenches.