Ord River Rum Premium Review

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IMG_1930Ord River Rum is the best Australian rum the Rum Wenches have tried.

It’s got a pretty impressive story too. It’s from Hoochery Distillery, way out west in the Kimberley near Kununurra, Western Australia. We’ve heard the distillery is quite an impressive place to visit. It’s built from local timber and has a distinctive country feel about the place. Which is quite fitting for a rum distillery.

Not only that, but the owner is a bit of a character. Even without meeting him we can tell that Raymond (Spike) Dessert III with his big hat has a strong passion for good booze. So much so that when his local source of molasses disappeared because the sugar mill closed in Kununurra, he went and bought himself a sugar cane farm, a cane crusher, and squeezed his own cane juice to make his rum. Since the place pretty much stays above 30C all year, that’s dedication to his craft in the hot Aussie sun.

Ord River Rum Nosings

The nose on this rum was magnificent! We got:

  • Intense barrell smell, very oaky
  • Leatherwood honey
  • Mejool dates
  • Coconut suntan lotion
  • Caramely treacle

Tastes Like a Tropical Party!

Since we’re in the tropics already, this rum is perfect for an outdoors celebration.

  • Banana
  • Toasted coconut
  • Caramel cheesecake
  • Banoffee pie; banana, caramel, cream and yummy
  • Christmas spices; vanilla and cinnamon

This is one of the few sipper rums made in Australia. We recommend you try some neat. It’s got some burn like a good whisky, spirited and hard. Like an Aussie.

Picnic esky

So for Australia Day in 2016, we’re celebrating with the best Aussie rum we’ve found. Ord River Premium Rum. You can buy some on Spike’s website, or head over the The Paddock for a tasting, like we did. Tastes good with steak. And sausages. Pop one in your Aussie esky and party big.