Rum of Origin

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For some things, there is no competition. New South Wales have a bit of a snooty opinion of Queenslanders. They call us banana benders, think that Sydney is better than Brisbane and insist that their rum was once so good that … Continued

Ord River Rum Premium Review

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Ord River Rum is the best Australian rum the Rum Wenches have tried. It’s got a pretty impressive story too. It’s from Hoochery Distillery, way out west in the Kimberley near Kununurra, Western Australia. We’ve heard the distillery is quite an … Continued

Beenleigh 5 Year Old Dark Rum

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Beenleigh 5 Year Old Dark Rum is made in Queensland, in Beenleigh, inbetween Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is made in Australia’s oldest registered distillery, just 4 years older than Bundy, and is owned by Australian company Vok Beverages. Their … Continued